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About Phobians

Welcome to Phobians Athletics Club.
Phobians is a running and walking club affiliated to the Pretoria High School Old Boys' Club and registered with Athletics Gauteng North (AGN). The club is situated at 378 Queens Crescent in Lynnwood. The main club was inaugurated in 1952 and the Marathon Club was started in 1981.
Phobians hosts two main races every year, namely the Phobians Pretoria Marathon and the The Phobians Fifteen Race, and also co-hosts, with Alpha Centurion, the Chamberlain Capital Classic. Members are required to assist in these events at water points, or as marshals or as event assistants, and may not compete in these events.
The PHSOB Club office is open on daily from Mondays to Fridays between 8:30 and 4:00pm throughout the year. Tel: (012) 348-1292; Emai: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">Members of Phobian’s Club enjoy reciprocity with many other clubs.
In addition to the Club facilities, Phobians members receive many benefits for their annual subscriptions - See Membership Page.

Time Trials – Thursdays
Phobian’s has an officially timed 8km and 4km club walk or run and an On Field Time – Trial for Phobians Juniors. This weekly event provides an ideal opportunity to gauge your own personal fitness as it takes place on a set, measured course each and every Thursday. (Except during school vacations).

Walkers commence at 17:00 and the runners start at 17:30 from the clubhouse and both must complete the official 8km course. PBHS junior runners are timed over the 4km course. Official timing of both runners and walkers ceases at 19:00.
The Phobians Juniors - ages 12 yrs,11 yrs,10 yrs.,& 9 yrs., Start at 18:00 - Distance 4 laps (approximately 2000m) ages 8 yrs,7 yrs., & 6 yrs., Start: 18:15- Distance 2 laps (approximately 1000m) and ages 5 yrs., 4 yrs. and under – Distance 1 lap (approximately 500 m) Start: 18:30. Note: This is a non-competitive with stock commemorative medals given to all finishers

TT results appear weekly on the notice board and are published on the Phobian’s website.
The Phobian’s Time trial trophy (The Shoe) is awarded annually to the male log winner with the Sportron Trophy being awarded to the female log winner.
Members and visitors usually socialise in the bars after the time-trial (a club menu is available), making it a pleasant event.
You need not wear your club running colours on club runs. However, it is imperative that you wear light-coloured clothing and reflective gear on dark winter evenings.
Visitors and children are welcome!

Road Races
Details of upcoming local races are announced at the beginning of each time-trial run on Thursdays.
AGN races normally take place during the week (evening) and on Saturdays and Public Holidays, whereas Gauteng Central (Johannesburg/Reef) normally take place during the week (evening) and on Sundays and Public Holidays.
Check the pigeonholes at the notice board for entry forms and race flyers.
To make it easier for members to get to know each other, we encourage the wearing of name tags on your club colours. These may be ordered from the Secretary at a nominal cost (to be determined when the order is made).
Please contact the Club Captain, or check the notice board for details.
You are invited to meet at the club gazebo (tent) and/or umbrella(s) at the end of a race for a sociable ‘post-mortem’.

Race rules:
You must wear your current year’s licence numbers on the back and front of your vest. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
Your licence numbers and race numbers are NOT TRANSFERABLE under any circumstances.
Licences are renewable each year and the new numbers must be worn from 1 January.
Some races supply sponsor’s number(s) to be worn over your annual licence numbers, but not covering the ASA sponsor’s logo.
You may only run races in your Phobians Club colours. Only the official vests with red or black shorts are allowed.
To be eligible for individual or team age category prizes, you must wear the required age group numbers on the front and back of your vest. These numbers are available from sports shops or AGN at minimal charge and can be worn as soon as you reach the relevant age:

Junior 19 years and younger on December 31 in the year of the competition 20 years and older on 31st December in the year of competition, up to 34 years on the day of competition.
Sub-Veteran An athlete from his/her 35th birthday until his/her 40th birthday
Veteran - an athlete becomes a veteran on his/her 40th birthday
Masters - an athlete from his/her 50th birthday to his/her 60th birthday
Grand Masters - an athlete becomes a grand master on his/her 60th birthday
Great-Grand Masters - an athlete becomes a great-grand master on his/her 70th (+) birthday
Identity documents may be required as proof of age in the event of a prize being awarded at a race.
Please observe race rules and obey all marshals and traffic officers’ instructions.
All litter, plastic sachets, etc. should be disposed of at water stations, preferably in the receptacles provided.

Other ASA rule amendments that road runners should note and read include:
- Temporary Licences can be purchased for any race distance up to and including 42.2km, but not for any of the ultra distances.
- Temporary Licences will not be accepted for runners who witsh to be counted as part of a clubs team.
- Race organisers can only negotiate directly with the athlete, the provincial federation, or a qualified Athlete's Representative who is accredited by IAAF or ASA.
- This is highlighted as being different from corporate club managers or club chair persons, who have specific club roles.


Sunday Club Runs
These are arranged as the need arises and cater mainly for events at which Phobians runners have been helpers or prior to Comrades breakfast.
The Sunday run is usually a clean-up run covering the route of the previous day’s race e.g. Pretoria Marathon and is a timed recorded run.
Water and coke is supplied en route at no cost.
Details of the club runs are announced before the runs on Thursdays. Details are also on the notice board and available on the website.

Cross Country
Cross-country events take place during the winter, usually on Saturday afternoons.
A small fee is payable at each event.
Distances vary according to age group and gender, and range from 4km to 12km.
Further information is available on the notice board during cross-country season.

Change Room and Shower Facilities
The change rooms are open to all members and visitors using the club grounds.
They are located in the Main Club (Lower Passage) and also in the Squash Courts. Ladies are in the middle and Gents to the right.
There is a power point for hairdryer/razors etc. in the change rooms.
Please be wary of leaving your belongings unattended in the change rooms.

Bar Facilities
The bars in the main clubhouse welcome all members and their visitors.
Open air facilities with tables and bench seating on verandas feature lighting for summer fun.
Non-smoking code is enforced. 

Club Social Evenings
Phobians hosts very popular and enjoyable month-end social evenings. These are held on the last Thursday of the month, with each member receiving a bar voucher and entry to the month end lucky draw. Prizes vary in content
Details of special social events are on the notice board and on the website.
Any suggestions may be directed to the Social Convenor and placed in the suggestion box next to the notice board.
The Awards Evening is normally held in January, and the Annual General Meeting in August.

This is our club e-notice board that is to be found at
Anyone is welcome to contribute with comments, articles and letters to the editor. Please contact our club secretary or the Webmaster

Notice Board
This is on the lower veranda of the clubhouse, and is used for:
Race results, information on and entry forms for future road races, cross-country and other events.
Social events and club runs.
Articles (with the permission of the committee).

Other sports
Apart from athletics, available sports are squash, cricket, soccer, bowls and hockey.
Each section requires payment of their individual membership fees
For further information, please contact Club office at (012) 348-1292

The Phobians Athletics Club is managed and co-ordinated by a committee which is elected at the club AGM in August. The committee meets monthly and any member with specific expertise may volunteer or be co-opted to fulfil specific functions. A race committee organises and overseas the various requirements of the clubs premier events.

If you have queries or problems, please do not hesitate to contact any one of the committee members (whose names and telephone numbers are on the notice board or on the website).Please advise the secretary of any change of address or telephone numbers.

Bertie and Boerie
These are social gatherings held after certain races and are sponsored by the club. The club pays for the eats and drinks at all the AGN League Races as well as other special races provided there are volunteers to organise and do the work associated with it. The amount of money made available for a function depends on the expected turn-up at such an event and our budget. A special award is presented annually to the person or group of persons that produced the best Bertie and Boerie. Your willingness to volunteer will be appreciated by all members. Please get your name on this list. For more information please contact any committee members at the Time Trials or races.